London Fire: The heroic story of Oluwaseun Talabi in Grenfell Tower

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Oluwaseun Talabi, a hero of the Grenfell Tower inferno

Oluwaseun Talabi's heroism saved the lives of his girlfriend and daughter.

On June 14, 2017, fire engulfed Grenfell Tower in London killing at least 79 people.

British citizen Oluwaseun Talabi (who is of Nigerian descent) could have been one of the victims if not for his heroic deed. He not only saved his life but that of his girlfriend and daughter.

"Basically I was lying in the bed with my daughter and my girlfriend" said Talabi to 5 News.


"I have always been paranoid about that block anyway. So I just heard fire, fire, fire and I got up and I woke everyone else up. And everyone wore their clothes and everything and had to run out of the door but as soon as I opened the door, all I could see was the smoke so we ran back in" he further said.


Talabi looked outside the window of his apartment but he was told to wait for help. As the fire intensified, Oluwaseun Talabi took matters into his own hands. He took 14-bed sheets and tied them together.

His plan to climb down the building using the sheets didn't work because his daughter was afraid. Oluwaseun Talabi then tied his daughter on his back, held his girlfriend and ran down the stairs as flames threatened to burn them up.

His heroic move got him a lot of adoration especially from his girlfriend's brother who goes by the name Lordie on Twitter.

Lordie who is the CEO of the Grime Report got a tattoo of  Oluwaseun Talabi's name on his back. The tattoo says "Seun thank you."


"Just got something for my muthafucking Hero, Seun who saved my Sis & my niece.  I owe him everything" tweeted Lordie.

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