Mark Angel: YouTube comedian nabs 1M subscribers with his style of humour

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Mark Angel and Emmanuella

Using slapstick and child humour, Mark Angel joins an elite YouTube group.

Mark Angel, the Port-Harcourt based YouTube comedian, this month reached a new milestone.

He joins just a few Internet sensations to have 1m subscribers on his YouTube channel. Anytime from now, Mark Angel should expect a big shiny Gold Creator Award from YouTube.

On June 29, 2013, Mark Angel uploaded his first video on his YouTube channel. The grainy 3-minute video clip skit is titled 'TWO SHIIIT'.  It didn't even star him. I am pretty sure that Mark Angel didn't know that four years later he would attract at least a million views per video.


Mark Angel dropped out of school after gaining admission to Obafemi Awolowo University to study Medicine. He couldn't afford to further his education because his uncle who would have paid for his fees died.


"I knew I was not ready for school and I decided not to go to school again. I do not regret my decision because I would not have found fulfilment practising as a doctor" he said in an interview published on Take Me To Naija. He took up photography and in 2011 he started his career professionally. The Mark Angel Comedy business started two years later.

Mark Angel dropped video after video on his YouTube channel but didn't 'blow' until he uploaded a video titled 'My Real Face' on December 4, 2015. The video starred a little girl named Emmanuella whose facial expression would slowly crawl into timelines a year later.

The consistency of his videos (a new video comes out every Friday) has made Mark Angel (as well as lil Emmanuella) into household names. He also has an impressive following outside the shores of Nigeria.


Mark Angel's comedy is of the slapstick variety, a lot of funny facial gestures, clumsy movements and embarrassing public events. It rides on a single formula- lil Emmanuella constantly embarrasses or humiliates her uncle. There are other actors in the cast but Mark Angel and his protege are the main stars.


The simple nature of his comedy style has its fair share of critics. Some say his boring and 'dry',  and Emmanuella is overhyped. At a time when the cerebral humour of Basketmouth and Bovi are filling seats at Landmark Event Centre, Mark Angel's comedy might be boring or outdated to some.


Whatever your preference in comedy is, you cannot deny that Mark Angel has been able to create a formula that makes a lot of people laugh and brands scurry to splash cash on.

Through hard work, consistency and simplicity, Mark Angel has struck gold one million times over.

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