Menace To Society: 11-yr-old killer narrates his sojourn in the underworld [Video]

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Shanawole, the dangerous kid killer

An 11-year-old boy who was a menace to society has been rescued from the street and rehabilitated by a popular Lagos man of God.

An 11-year-old cultist who rose to become a vicious killer has been given another chance after Pastor Tony Rapu, the founder of This Present House rescued him and is currently undergoing rehabilitation.

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The young cultist, identified only as Shanawole, claimed to belong to the Eiye Confraternity, in a video posted by the media team of This Present House, revealed how he was given the task of killing their victims, saying it was his job to kill anybody who messed with him or his group without any remorse.


Pastor Rapu who is also a medical doctor, has been using his foundation, God Bless Nigeria/Freedom Foundation to rescue street kids and rehabilitate them so they could become better citizens.


In the video, Shanawole who also claims to enjoy smoking Indian hemp, further explained that if anyone tries to fight them, he and his boys would hit on the person very hard, often times leaving them dead or maimed for life.

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The young boy who also claimed to be a robber is currently undergoing rehabilitation after he was rescued and taken off the streets by Pastor Rapu.

Watch the video here

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