Morning Teaser: 'My husband's mistress beat me up in his presence'

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This worried woman needs advice (Illustration)

Chinaza has been married to a serial cheat for 10 years but the last straw came when her husband's mistress beat her up in his presence.

"Dear Pulse,

My name is Chinaza, a 30-year-old mother of three. I have been married for 10 years now but my marriage to Ebuka is facing serious challenges and I am not sure I can continue any longer.

I cannot cope with the humiliation, disgrace, and shame my husband has been subjecting me to in the hands of his mistresses and numerous girlfriends. I have had enough and if not for my children, I should have taken a walk years ago.

In truth, Ebuka has not been this reckless when it comes to infidelity but in the past three years, he has become something else and has not made any efforts to hide what he is doing.

I got to know of his flirtatious lifestyle two years into our marriage and I was already nursing our first child and when I informed my mother about it, she told me to be patient that it would soon fizzle out and dawn on him that he is now a married man.

But instead of changing, Ebuka continued sowing his wild seeds and chased after different women with so much gusto. In the process, he has infected me with sexually transmitted diseases on more than three occasions and as a dutiful wife, I have kept quiet all along.

I have pleaded with my husband to stop what he is doing, promising to give him whatever he is getting from those women. I have read books on sex and despite myself, I have made sure I satisfy him in bed.

I go out of my way to practice several sex positions, including giving him blow jobs, thinking if I could do these, he would not have the urge to go after other women but all my efforts have been in vain.

But the last straw that broke my back was when I traced him to the home of one of his mistresses, a woman whom he had introduced to me as a big sister and business partner.

I got information that Ebuka had been having an affair with the woman and decided to trail him after he said he was traveling to the east for a business venture.

He was shocked when he opened the door to the woman's house when I knocked. He tried to stop me from getting inside but was mad with rage and pushed my way inside and met the woman wearing only a nightgown lying on a settee in her sitting room.

There were used tissue papers all over the place, a clear indication that they had just had sex. I charged at the woman.

I expected my husband to take sides with me but instead, he also joined the woman and they gave me the beating of my life. I was only saved by neighbours who came in when they heard so much commotion.

I have since packed out of Ebuka house and have been living with my elder sister. He has been begging me to forgive him and come back home for the sake of the children, promising to change but I know he will never change.

I am really fed up and want to leave him but I also have my children to think of.


Dear readers, Chinaza has endured so much in the hands of her cheating husband and is fed up. On Morning Teaser today, do you think she should divorce Ebuka or continue to endure?

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