Morning Teaser: 'My one-night stand with a colleague has ruined my marriage'

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A sad and depressed woman

Ruth is in a very serious problem after her drunken one-night stand with a colleague from work got leaked to her husband who wants her out of his house.

"Dear Pulse,

My name is Ruth, a 30-year-old mother of two. I have been married to Timi for six years now but my marriage is on the verge of collapse following a drunken one-night sex I had with a colleague from work.

I know many of you will blame me and call me all sorts of names for allowing myself to fall into such a stupid temptation. My friends and family members have all berated me and insulted me so much.

I accept my stupidity but all I want now is a shred of sympathy and words of advice on how to make amends and get my husband to forgive me and I will dedicate my entire life to him.

I cannot say how Timi got to know what happened in the office that cursed day between Douglas and myself but then, that is not the thrust of this story.

Douglas had always flirted with me from the moment I joined the company but I always found a way to fend him off, telling him repeatedly that I was happily married and nothing would ever make me cheat on my husband.

This chasing game continued for many months and when Douglas knew I would never compromise, he stopped disturbing me but rather took me as a special friend. I must confess here that getting the attention of a man who came on so strongly at me was a thing of pride as it is for most women.

But sometime in April, the unexpected happened and I fell into the temptation that is now my albatross. My company had just won a multi-million contract that we had been pursuing for many months and it called for wild celebrations in the office.

Our elated Chairman made sure we celebrated the feat in a great way and he ordered for food and drinks.

I am the kind of person who does not drink much normally but in the spirit of the celebration, I let down my hair and had more drinks that was good for me.

I was so inebriated that I had to go to Douglas's office to sleep off for a while only to wake up and find him on top of me making love to me. In my drunken state, I found myself enjoying the sex and responded to him with equal gusto.

Since that day, I have lived in regret and kept praying for God to forgive me and hoped Timi will never get to know what happened. But like I said, I don't know how he got to know because two weeks later, he woke me up in the middle of the night to accuse me of adultery.

I had never lied to my husband before, so I could not lie at that time and I broke down and confessed to him. But instead of getting his sympathy seeing that I was not in my senses when I slept with Douglas, Timi ordered me out of his house that night.

Not only that, he made everyone know what I did, telling them that he was done with the marriage.

And since then, I have been running from pillar to post, sending people to beg him on my behalf but it seems his mind is made up to disgrace me fully.


Dear readers, Ruth is in serious need of advice from you all and even if you want to condemn her on Morning Teaser today, we also want you to tell her what to do.

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