Morning Teaser: 'My wife has turned into something else after our marriage'

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A sad black man

Ayoola who was very close to his family members has been alienated following his wife's attitude to them.

"Dear Pulse,

My name Ayoola, a 36-year-old married man. I got married to Yetunde a little over a year ago but right now, I regret getting married to her because of her sudden change of attitude.

When I met her, Yetunde pretended to be a sweet angel who could not hurt a fly. She was so gentle, loving, caring and charmed her way into my family and everyone liked her so much.

In fact, my mother fell in love with her the moment I took her home and typically, began to make the preparations for our wedding even before I had proposed to her. Even my siblings all loved her and kept telling us we should hurry and get married.

My elder sister kept hammering into my head that if I missed Yetunde, I would not get another woman as good as her. Only if we had all seen beyond her smoke screen.

The change in attitude from my wife came a few weeks after our marriage when my younger brother came to visit us. Danny had been in school in Ghana and could not attend the wedding, so he was full of enthusiasm to meet the new bride everyone was waxing lyrical over.

But Danny was totally disappointed after just three days of staying with us as Yetunde made it clear that he was not welcome in our house. I remember when she asked him on the first day how long he would stay.

I did not read any meaning into the question but Danny being very sensitive, did not take the question kindly and asked me when she had gone to the kitchen why my wife was cold towards him.

I explained that it was just natural as she was seeing him for the first time but how wrong I was because Yetunde made the house uncomfortable for my brother.

When Danny left, Yetunde made it clear that members of my family were not welcome, insisting that they should stay away and allow us to live our lives as a married couple.

She began giving a negative attitude whenever any member of my family or my friends came to visit but she would be all over the place whenever her family members came calling. It was very clear her family members were welcomed while mine were not.

She even told my elder sister, her biggest supporter, that she must inform her whenever she is coming and that included my mother. Anytime I tried to call her to order, she would get angry and engage me in a quarrel.

Yetunde has become something else and has alienated me from my close-knit family and everyone thinks I cannot take control of my home. The last time I went to visit mom, she told me she would never come to my house again because of the way my wife treated her the last time she came.

Presently, three of her sisters are staying with us and there are no signs they would go away anytime soon.

I wonder why she thinks only her family members can come and visit us while mine cannot. I am completely fed up. I don't know why some women are like these.


Dear readers, after going through Ayoola's story on Morning Teaser today, what do you think he should do over his wife's unbearing attitude and hatred for his people?

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