National Disgrace: Nigerian men fight dirty at Italian train station (Tweet/Video)

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These Nigerians have once again brought disgrace to the nation

Two Nigerian men have been caught on video as they stripped themselves naked while fighting at an Italian train station.

Two shameless Nigerian men have yet again displayed their rascality after they engaged themselves in a dirty fight at the Padova Railway Station, Italy, stripping themselves naked in the process.

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According to a Twitter user, Ubani Chijioke with the handle @thandiubani who posted a video of the shameless fight on his handle, the two Nigerian men and two other women who are apparently of the Igbo stock are seen battling it out to the amusement of onlookers who could do nothing to separate them.

In the video which posted online on June 6, 2017, two men are seen trying to stop a man dressed in a blue shirt from beating a woman before the fight to no avail, before the fight turned messy, leading to the men tearing their clothes into shreds, all the while screaming in the Igbo language.

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Though the cause of the fight was not known, the shocked pedestrians could be heard screaming for the men to call off the fight to no avail.


See the tweeted video here.


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