Power Show: SA to Delta politician rubbishes police at a checkpoint - [Video]

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The proud Delta SA

A Special Assistant to a politician in Delta State has shown that the law is not meant for everyone as he clearly disobeyed police officers at a checkpoint.

A man who claimed to the Special Assistant to a top politician in Delta State showed his power when he was confronted by some policemen mounting a stop and search checkpoint in a part of the state.

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In the video that has gone viral on the social media, the SA is seen being stopped by the officers after he negotiated a dangerous overtaking and ordered him to open the booth of his Toyota Corolla car for a search but the man vehemently refused to comply with the order.


Hr insisted on not opening his booth and vowed to die before he opened the booth with his reasoning being that the officers were on an illegal duty and were harassing people.

The pleas of the officers for the man to open his booth fell on deaf ears as the SA kept telling them that nothing on earth will make him obey them.

He is heard saying:

"I will rather die than to open any boot, you are doing an illegal job here."

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To further show the officers he is a man of substance, the SA put a call to a top police officer who then instructed the officers not to conduct the search as he was a very important Assistant to a top politician in the state.

Watch the video here.

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