Pulse Nigeria Poll: Readers say Chidiebere should divorce his cheating wife

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This sad old man is really worried

50% of Pulse Nigeria Poll voters say Chidieber should immediately divorce wife after he caught her cheating on him with his kinsman.

Chidiebere has been married to Amara for 15 years and they have three children but despite everything he does to make her happy, she has been consistently cheating on him.

He had heard rumours of her adulterous lifestyle from different sources and had tried in vain to caution her against such attitude all to no avail.

But now he has had it up to the throat after he caught her red-handed with his kinsman and business partner.

Read his story here:

"My name is Chidiebere, a 46-year-old married man with three children. I have been married to Amara for 15 years now but her adulterous lifestyle has ceased to stop despite the fact that I have caught her in it several times and always forgive her.

I have tried all I can to provide for her and the children, so the excuse people bring in that she might be doing it for money does not arise.

I opened a restaurant for her after she could not manage a boutique I opened for her but behind my back, she introduced alcohol and practically turned the restaurant into a beer palour.

And this has exposed her to different kinds of men and all my warnings that she should revert to the food she was selling has fallen on deaf ears as she keeps telling me that the beer palour is doing better than the restaurant.

After intervention by some close friends and family members, I had to allow to continue the beer palour, not knowing that it would expose her to men and aid her in her infidelity.

I have had reports of how she would leave the shop and go out with men only to come back late in the night when they are about to close.

I warned her severally but she would not listen to me but the last straw that broke the Camel's back was when I heard that she has been having affairs with my business partner and my kinsman, Uchechukwu.

Uchechukwu is a big time importer and often helps me out when I run into difficulty in my business but that does not give him the audacity to go after my wife.

When I first heard the rumours, I dismissed them because Uche is quite close to me and we attend the same town's meeting but when another of our mutual friends confided in me that Uche was actually sleeping with my wife, I had to confront her but she denied everything.

I was still smarting from the disgrace when Luke called me one day to go to a hotel in another part of town and meet him there. When I got there, Luke told me that he saw Uche and my wife walking into the hotel.

He told me to wait with him at the reception and after like two hours, I saw my wife and Uche coming out from one of the rooms laughing like teenage lovers.

I was so mad that I rushed at them but I was restrained by Luke and other guests who told me that I should go and deal with the matter at home since Uche did not rape her.

I reported the matter to our town union and Uche was made to pay a fine and sanctioned but the shame has refused to go away that my kinsman would sleep with my wife behind my back.

Amara has been begging me to forgive her but how can I ever forgive her? Our pastor has also told me to forgive her and take her back just as my mother but I doubt if I can ever take Amara back.


The teaser for the day was:

What do you think Chidiebere should do in this situation?

How Nigeria voted:

He should forgive his wife and take her back - 29%

He should divorce Amara with immediate effect - 50%

He should cut off all links with Uchechukwu - 17%

He should forgive Amara but never trust her again - 5%

How would you vote on this issue?

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