Pulse Opinion: Best banks in Nigeria for call centre customer service

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Heritage Bank Plc entrance

As soon as you step inside a bank it’s like you’ve entered into a game of basketball against LeBron James, with bank staff bouncing you all over the place.

Any first year business student knows the customer is always right --- the customer is king.

Unfortunately some business owners fail to realise how important customer service is for keeping their doors open and pockets full of Naira, especially during these tough economic times.

But for some reason Nigerians seem to be content with letting their banks get away with murder.

As soon as you step inside a bank it’s like you’ve entered into a game of basketball against LeBron James, with bank staff bouncing you all over the place.

Then there are the long lines, lack of streamlining, wasted hours and general unpleasantness of the people who are supposed to be serving you.

With this kind of treatment is it any wonder more Nigerians are opting to call their banks instead of visiting their banks.

Banks in America and the UK have poured millions of dollars and pounds into providing the best and most comprehensive service they can off over the phone through their contact centres.

In light of this we have tested some of Nigeria’s top banks to see which one offers the best customer service.

Here are our top five best banks for contact centre customer service.

Heritage Bank

By far a standout, Heritage Bank has clearly trained its contact centre staff well. After selecting what services I needed, and without wasting any time on hold I was transferred immediately to a staff member who dealt with my query (opening an account) promptly. I received the perfect amount of information to enable me to make the right call on which account best suited my needs. I made sure I asked for a lot of information and not once did I feel like I was being chased off the phone. The Heritage Bank staff member was kind and courteous at all times. Heritage gets a big tick, especially given the fact its contact centres run 24/7.

First City Monument Bank

First City Monument Bank was a very close second to Heritage Bank. Although we couldn't fault the service provider by the FCMB employee, we were left on hold for some time. Once we got through all my needs were sufficiently met. I received top information and didn’t feel like I was being pressured into signing up for an account with fees or charges.

Zenith Bank

Zenith Bank was consistently performs well when it comes to customer service and would have to consider itself unlucky for not coming ahead of FCMB. There really isn’t much to say about Zenith Bank other than it performed to a satisfactory level. As one of the bigger banks in Nigeria, I was on hold for quiet a while and when I did get through it felt like I was just another customer to get through until the end of the day. In saying that I received all the information I needed to make the best decision possible.

Sterling Bank

Sterling Bank was very competitive and but I didn't get all the information I needed to open a new bank account with them. It would have been excellent if I could have received more precise information on the different accounts Sterling Bank offers. The contact centre staff member acted in a professional manner but may need to brush up on the products and services offered by his employer.

Diamond Bank

Diamond Bank would have been much further up the list if it wasn’t for the incredibly long time I spent on hold. The customer service was impeccable once I got through, but getting through was the problem. Perhaps it was just the time of day I called.

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