Racism: Nigerian lady kicked out of a Turkish Air flight for assault (Video)

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Nigerians begging on behalf of the woman

A Nigerian lady traveling from Istanbul in Turkey to Abuja was thrown off a flight because she allegedly assaulted an air hostess.

A Nigerian woman who allegedly assaulted a Turkish Airline hostess got the bitter taste of a racism after she was thrown off the flight by the security men and other officials.

According to a video recording of the incident captured and shared online by Anastasya Vorobyova, the lady was on the Turkish airline flight that was traveling from Istanbul to Abuja on Tuesday, May 30, when the incident happened.

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It was gathered that as the passengers were settling down into their seats, the Nigerian lady asked the Turkish air hostess for water which was refused.

The Nigerian lady was said to have gotten angry and smashed the cup of water in the air hostess’s hand in annoyance.

The lady was said to have been angry at the hostess who had initially refused to give her water before the plane took off after the hostess had argued that they do not give passengers water until the flight has taken off.

Officials and security men of the airline quickly rounded up the woman and forced her out of the flight while other Nigerians on the plane stood up in defense of the woman.

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The Nigerians were seen and heard in the video begging the officials to forgive the woman no matter what her offense was but she still kicked off the plane nonetheless.

Watch the video here.

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