Racism: South African church doesn't welcome black people

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Afrikaanse Protestante Kerk doesn't welcome black people even after two decades of apartheid

A church in South Africa refuses to let black people in.

A church in South Africa,  the Afrikaanse Protestante Kerk, has stopped black people from attending its church.

During a recent Sunday service, the church stopped two journalists from entering. "The church is only for whites," it told the two black journalists.

The Afrikaanse Protestante Kerk church is located in Orania and is the Afrikaans only town in Cape Town, South Africa. The two black journalists were on assignment in Orania when they decided to attend the church.


They were however stopped at the door by the church leader  Mr Theunis Oukamp at the door. According to Africa Review, the church leader said allowing black people into the church is a violation of the "rights of Afrikaan people."

"I am now in a difficult situation. You know that Orania is only for white people, this is why we are here. You must understand I know you want to serve God and everything but I have to protect the rights of Afrikaans people. So I cannot let you in, you guys can go to any other church, but this one is only for white people" Theunis Oukamp told the journalists.

The news of this white only church received negative backlash among Christians in South Africa.

The president of the South Africa Union Council of Independent Churches, Archbishop Modiri Patrick Shole said "We don’t discriminate in church because before God we are one – whether white or black. I find it weird that we still have discrimination in the church."

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