Rihanna: Celebrity worship is basically senseless

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People are too obsessed with the private lives of celebrities and not their hard work

People need to stop structuring their lives around celebrities.

The Queen of all savages, Rihanna, has a new boyfriend or boy toy- a Saudi billionaire apparently.

Now, in the world of celebrities and entertainment, this shouldn't be big news except that this is Rihanna. The Bajan beauty makes headlines off her facial expressions at public events. And to be honest, it's been a while we have seen Rihanna locking lips with another human in public.

First of all, the foreign media needs to chill on the invasion of privacy. Rihanna was having an intimate moment with her new boo and some paparazzi hid in the bushes to snap some steamy pics. We should learn to live celebs alone when they are not in public.


The Rihanna has a new man hysteria, however, brings out the silliness in celebrity worship. Some women are actually tweeting that now Riri has bagged herself a new guy, they can now go ahead and get their own man. It almost sounds as if, Rihanna's new relationship status is permission for them to fall in love or have a man for the summer at least.

Adoring a celebrity is one thing but living your life based on the actions of a person who doesn't know you intimately is odd at least. Mindless celebrity worship is a terrible to look at it. People abandon their brains and structure their lives on the actions of a celebrity far, far away.


We all need to chill out a second from people who are obsessed with Beyonce hopefully giving her twins Yoruba names to trap-addicts who guzzle codeine like Future Hendrix.


Live your life according to your terms and means. Do not blindly copy the lifestyles of celebrities. You do not know what is influencing them to make these decisions. And the funny thing is most of these Stans do not copy the work ethic of the stars they worship. They just want to have the life of glamour that they have.

If Rihanna doesn't have a man, won't you have a man? If Davido doesn't have an iced out Rolex, does that mean you won't work hard enough to buy one? There are more zombies than fans these days. Many people need to emulate the work ethic of their favourite celebrity and not their personal life.

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