Sophia Momodu: The coming of baby mamas on reality TV

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Sophia Momodu and Imade

It seems celeb baby mamas in Nigeria are about to start doing more.

Sophia Momodu's singular shot to fame or notoriety is that she is the mother of Davido's daughter.

The popular title for her position is the term 'baby mama'. In the unofficial list of celebrity baby mamas, Sophia Momodu ranks pretty high.

In January 2016, her name transitioned from industry side gist to headlines of major blogs and sites courtesy of a nasty custody battle with Davido.


Sophia Momodu launched her YouTube Channel recently on her birthday. The best guess is that Mama Imade wants to change the celeb baby mama narrative around her.


The Sophia Momodu Channel is a" lifestyle channel that welcomes our viewers to the world of Sophia Momodu. It’s her life, her taste, her style, her stories & most importantly, her truth." In the trailer, Momodu is seen with her daughter, then leaves her house, flashes an ample view of her cleavage, steps into a super clean Mercedes Benz, and dodges the press. She stops driving for no clear reason, contemplates the meaning of life and continues driving.


By owning her YouTube channel, Sophia Momodu is adding the hustle element to the celebrity mama industry. In Nigeria, celeb baby mamas are just that baby mamas, just plain fixtures in our entertainment industry.

In America, being a celebrity baby mama is a business venture. Apart from the monthly cheques, baby mamas have their own businesses based on their relationship with celebrities.


Amber Rose is an author, actress and once had her own TV show. 50 Cent's baby mama Daphne Joy is an Instagram model that makes money off modelling and product endorsements on social media. Blac Chyna became a reality star within the Kardashian cult.


It might seem that Nigerian baby mamas are about to take on the world of reality television. All it takes is for one of them to popular. Sophia Momodu has dipped her feet in the pond. If she can battle the elements, others will follow.

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