Strange World: How SA woman gave birth to Catfish after 16 months of pregnancy  [Video]

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God's Oracle, Bro. Samuel Akinbodunse

A pregnant South African lady who had carried a pregnancy for 16 months miraculously gave birth to a Catfish after prayers by a Nigerian man of God.

A Nigerian man of God based in South Africa, Bro. Samuel Akinbodunse has described how a woman who had been pregnant for 16 months gave birth to a live Catfish during one of his church programs.

The deliverance of the woman by the Ondo State-born man of God who is the Senior Pastor of the Freedom For All Nation Outreach was captured in a video.

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While narrating the strange delivery by the woman, said she had come to him for help after she had carried the pregnancy for so many months and all medical assistance failed to be of any help.

A statement by a member of the media team of Prophet Akinbodunse said:

'It was reported that the woman had never experienced any sign of labour during her pregnancy but went into labour after she approached the prophet during the program.


After offering serious prayers on the woman, she was reportedly rushed to a nearby hospital where she allegedly gave birth to a catfish rather than a human being.

Further reports state that the woman had been praying to God for the fruit of the womb when she visited a church and was told to pay an equivalent of N1 million for her to be able to get pregnant.'


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Watch the clip below:

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