Wages Of Sin: 'Evans has been weeping like a baby in the cell' - Police source

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Evans has become a cry baby after his arrest

After his crime world came crashing on him, billionaire kidnap kingpin has been weeping profusely in the police cell.

With his arrest and a national disgrace, billionaire kidnap kingpin, Chukwudi Dumeme Onwuamadike alias Evans, has been weeping uncontrollably in the police cell, a police source informs Pulse.

Evans who has been able to elude the police for over 10 years since he embarked on the inglorious crime reign, was arrested inside his palatial mansion in the Magodo Phase II GRA on Saturday, June 10, 2017, and according to the source, has been lamenting his downfall.

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It was gathered that Evans has been lamenting his fall from grace and has refused to mix with other detainees, claiming that he has been used to a lavish lifestyle and cannot see himself living with the other low lives in the cells.

The police source who is a senior officer added that Evans who made billions of Naira from his many high-profile kidnapping and lived in opulence is finding it had to adjust to the harsh environmental conditions within the police cell.

“Evans has been weeping uncontrollably because he is in a cell with common poor criminals despite all the wealth and mansions he owned. He cries every time and has refused to be consoled by his fellow inmates because he is not used to the kind of lifestyle in the cell.

He has started talking. He has given us locations of other detention camps he had in Lagos. Aside from the known one in New Igando where Uche Amadi was in charge, he had two others and detectives would visit the places.

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He also said that his very first robbery was in Sokoto State and that they killed the victim. He is still being interrogated and more details would come out after the camps have been visited.”

Evans's case is seen as a retributive justice alluding to the fact that no matter how long a criminal successfully eludes the police, he will one day be caught and brought to book

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