Woke People: Why they are annoying to hang out with

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Woke people you need to calm down just a bit

Sometimes, woke people are not the best people to have around.

The word 'woke' has moved on from a cool, buzz-worthy word to an official word.

The geeks at Oxford Dictionary have made 'woke' an official English word. Normally, woke people should be celebrating but we doubt.

Woke people hardly see the fun in things and we bet that with the inclusion of woke into the English language, they would be upset that their 'thing' has become mainstream and would soon be exploited.


This is how must woke people are. We appreciate their higher level of consciousness and deeper level of thought, let's face it they are annoying.

Here goes. First things first. Most woke people are annoying to be around because they feel they are better than everybody. They have a superiority complex and they use every chance they get to show off their wokeness. We don't really want to know that the aliens built the pyramids. We just want to watch The Ten Commandments. And yes we know Christmas is traditionally a pagan holiday but we still want to open our Christmas presents.

Woke people also have the nasty habit of laughing at other people's ignorance. So what if we don't know that Fidel Castro was The bottom line is that everyone is ignorant even geniuses. Woke people tend to act like they know it all.

Also, woke people drag the fun out of everything. A fun conversation or hang out can turn into a lecture on the true origin of HIV/AIDS. It's not every time you open your mouth and roll out the conspiracy theory of the week. Some people want to relax and just have fun. Woke people should learn how to keep quiet.


Don't get us wrong. Woke people are cool to have around. They give us an often overlooked perspective on the situation of things and help us read in between the lines.

It's not all the time we want to be floating on a different plane though. Woke people need to be more sensitive to people before they end up being outcasts.

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