You Know I'm Just Joking by Ayomide Tayo: Don't raise your kids in Nigeria

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Nigerian children deserve more than what Nigeria is offering right now

Let's call a spade a spade, Nigeria has nothing to offer its children.

I have had the unpleasurable pleasure of not having electricity since Friday, June 16, 2017.

The incompetent gang called NEPA, PHCN, DISCO or whatever useless acronym, decided it was a good idea not to give most residents of Oke-Ira, Ogba no electricity. Thanks to my rattling, overworked generator, I wouldn't have seen the brightness of a light bulb this weekend.


Boys and girls, ladies and gentleman, if you are not tired of Nigeria, I am.  I am tired physically, mentally and spiritually tired of living in this country. Please, can I be deported to another country? My country of birth only gives me headaches and pain. With Nigeria, it is always hardship and stress.


I have come to the conclusion that 'Nigeria' (the political class) has no good intention for us. Their plans are of evil and not of good. They are dream killers and destiny thieves. If you have lived all your life here in Nigeria, I have bad news for you. Nigeria has held you back at least a decade from your contemporaries. You are lagging behind from what is happening in the world.

The level of education of Nigeria is nothing to write home about. We churn out graduates but they are at best functioning illiterates. A high school student in America is more knowledgeable than a graduate in Nigeria. If you argue, you are most likely suffering from self-delusion.


South Africa earmarked $25bn to its education sector in its 2017 budget. The so called giant of Africa only managed $1.4bn which falls short of UNESCO's recommendation of 26% of a country's budget. The education allocation is just 6%.


It's pretty obvious that our leaders don't care about our future. They don't care about your kids. It would almost be a crime for you to raise your children here after all you have gone through in the hands of Nigeria.

These leaders put their kids in foreign universities and neglect the ones at home. At most, they build private universities that are nothing more than expensive caricatures of our dead public universities. The health care sector is worse.

There is nothing here for young Nigerians. They will suffer more than you did because things will only get worse. Make the best decision for your kids now so that they can have a fulfilled life. Nigeria has nothing for them.

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