9mobile: Telco's new brand identity still has room for improvement

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9mobile's new brand identity

9mobile's logo isn't a home run but it will get better as the time rolls by.

On Tuesday, July 18, 2017, Etisalat Nigeria officially changed its name to 9mobile.

The change of name brought with a change of its brand identity. On social media, the telco presented its new logo to the public.

There are obvious similarities between the 9mobile logo and the Etisalat Nigeria logo. Pulse decided to analyse the new logo critically. To do so we spoke to our in-house graphics designer for a break down of the telcos new brand identity.


After bumping heads together, we are going to rate the new logo based on five factors below;

  1. Simplicity

  2. Memorable

  3. Versatile

  4. Relevant

  5. Timeless

9mobile took out an entire page in ThisDay to explain its new brand identity. The telco said its brand colour "remains essentially the same because it is based on the 0809ja brand heritage. Our brand attitude remains bold, cool, fun, smart, confident, daring, trendy, young, smart, ambitious, hip, friendly, fabulous, unique and creative."


As for the logo, "'9'" the new logo, expresses the brand's thoughts about the future, particularly of digital technology and its continued impact on communication and human interactions. Being a number theme logo, it reflects the network's futuristic bent. The logo speaks of the quality and reliability of 9mobile's voice and data services...

"The colour green, both its light and dark variants, reflects vibrancy and dynamism, which the brand embodies. It speaks of life, energy and youth as well as the brand's 'nigerianness.'"

9mobile's logo represents cool, fun, trendy, young, smart, hip and friendly attributes. It doesn't score all points on daring, trendy, fabulous and uniqueness.

The futuristic bent is represented in the wifi icon. The logo isn't really dynamic. The green in the logo signifies life, nigerianness and not energy.

Now let's focus on the five factors;

  • Simple- The logo is simple enough. It's a nine combined with a flat UI icon of a wifi icon.

  • Memorable-  You look at the logo for 2 minutes and draw it without looking. It scores high on the memorability test.

  • Versatile- It is versatile. If you scale the logo to 1/2 a square inch it looks good. If you blow it out of proportion it is also on point.

  • Relevant- We could say its relevant to the Nigerian market but since we don't really know the brief the ad agency got from 9mobile, we can't really drop a verdict on this.

  • Timeless- The logo is not timeless. It is trendy and it definitely appeals to the 18-35 demography.

If you compare the Etisalat logo with the 9mobile you will see the differences. The Etisalat icon is a classic and ticks all the boxes.


For now the 9mobile brand identity is 50% effective. We must also remember that the creative team behind the new logo had a short time to come up with it.

We are pretty sure the logo will be tweaked over the years to attain perfection.

from pulse.ng - Gist http://ift.tt/2tlYQ5A

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