African Magic: Briton sells tea to survive after Kenyan lover stole his money

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This British tourist, Tom Spencer did not know what hit him when he fell in love

A retired British tourist is now selling tea to make ends meet after a Kenya woman he fell in love with stole all his money and ran away.

A retired British national identified as Tom Spencer is regretting what took him to Kenya as he has become stranded and so broke that he now sells tea by the roadside to survive.

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Tuko reports that Spencer's troubles started when he flew to Kenya to enjoy the Safari and beaches but ended up falling in love with a lady whose name was given as Njeri at a beach.

Within a short while, the love-struck Spencer was said to have invited Njeri to move in with him at his hotel in Mtwapa municipality but shortly after moving in with him, Njeri showed him the stuff she is made off by stealing all his retirement benefits and his documents and bolted with her boyfriend to Dubai.

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Spencer is now said to be so broke after he was sent packing from the swanky hotel and had to resort to selling tea to at least get something to feed himself while waiting for his embassy to come to his aid.

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