Badoo Strikes Again: Deadly cult gang kill 3 inside Ikorodu church

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Residents trying to get a glimpse of the church where the Badoo gang attacked

Suspected members of the Badoo ritual cult gang have struck again after they stormed a church and murdered three people.

Three people have been confirmed dead following another attack by suspected members of the ritual cult gang, Badoo, after they attacked a church in the Owode-Onirin area of Ikorodu, Lagos State.

According to residents of the area, the cultists who have been terrorizing residents of Ikorodu for more than a year now struck at the Crystal Church of Christ [C&S], Aladura, located at number 4, Victor Anibaba Street, Owode Weighbridge.

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They were said to have attacked the wife of the founder of the church identified as Mrs. Ajidara, her two-year-old daughter and another woman who lived in the church with her daughter.

In the end, the visitor, her daughter, and the church founder's daughter were confirmed dead while Mrs. Ajidara was rushed to an undisclosed hospital where she is battling for her life.


It was gathered that the cultists scaled the fence of the church in the early hours of today and in their usual way of killing their victims, used a grinding stone to batter them in the skull before wiping the blood and brain membrane with handkerchiefs they would later sell to money ritualists.

In the past few weeks, Ikorodu has been in the eye of the storm following a spate of attacks by the ritual cultists and the resultant jungle justice meted out to anyone suspected to be a member of the dreaded cult gang.

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It was such jungle justice that led to the lynching of a comedian and Master of Ceremony, Chinedu Paul, and his friends in the morning of Sunday, July 2, 2017, after they were mistaken for the Badoo Cult members.

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