Child Abuse: Man chains, locks houseboy with goats for 4 days without food [Photos]

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This poor boy has been suffering untold hardship in the hands of his wicked master

A wicked master has been called out after he allegedly chained and locked up his houseboy in a goat house for four days without food.

A concerned Nigerian has raised the alarm after a man was discovered to have chained his young houseboy and locked him in a goat shed for four days without food over an offense.

The wicked man who lives with his family at 5, Offin Canal, Lagos Island market, who is known to maltreat the young lad, went too far this time after he reportedly chained and locked up with the goats for days as punishment for a yet to be ascertained crime.

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This is how the man captured the unsavoury incident on his Facebook page:

“Please, this is what a man in Lagos Island market did to the houseboy staying with him. I think the right authorities should be invited. He needs to be brought to book.

How can someone padlock a child’s leg and throw him where goats stay for four days? And he locked the gate too.

Please help me share this but I want to remain anonymous. The house address is No 5, Offin Canal, Lagos Island market.”

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It is not yet known if the relevant authorities have moved in to arrest the wicked master over the inhuman treatment he meted out to this boy no matter the offense he could have committed.

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