Dividend Of Democracy: Nigerians mock Bayelsa House member over 'floating' toilet [Photos]

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Hon. Kate Owoko says her people wanted her to build toilets for them

A member of the House of Assembly in Bayelsa has come for ridicule after she commissioned the first ever ultra-modern floating toilet.

A member of the House of Assembly representing the Southern Ijaw constituency in the Amassoma Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, Kate Owoko, is now the subject of mockery and ridicule after she invited members of the press to cover the commissioning of a 'floating' toilet she built for her people.

Hon. Owoko had reportedly said she built the floating toilet she called ultra-modern and world class, due to the pressing demand of the women of Okori Ama and Oweidei Ama of the LGA and while commissioning the world class edifice, she invited members of the press to cover it.


However, the kind gesture of the honourable was not met with the delight she had expected as many people have been going to social media to lambast her for what they think is the worst show of hypocrisy.

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The ultra-modern floating toilet which is made of corrugated iron sheets is said to be located on one of the creeks of Amassoma, with users made to pass their faeces into the water.

Many Nigerians have, however, made Hon. Owoko and her toilet the subject of mockery as they think it is an insult to democracy and a big shame and to her people.


A Twitter user described the construction of the toilet as a disgrace and an insult.

"This is an insult to democracy. That she even had the audacity to invite TV cameramen to shoot the ‘first wonder’ of Bayelsa is so laughable and an insult to the people who voted for her in the first place."

However, Hon. Owoko has slammed those who threw insults on her for her noble gesture, saying she had to build the toilet because that is what her people wanted and they are happy with it.

She described those who have ridiculed her effort as enemies of progress and expressed anger over the attitude of Nigerians who do not appreciate good things.


She narrated that she built the toilet according to the pressing demand of the women of her constituency.

“These were the pressing and immediate need from these women at the time. Due to the terrain of these said compounds, they were in grave need for such toilets to answer to the ‘call-of-nature’

Prior to today, these women had to expose themselves to unsanitary conditions. Hence, they requested particularly for such toilets from their representative.


I wonder why people will not appreciate good things. This toilet is the first of its kind in these parts and instead of people showing appreciation, they are attacking me. They are all enemies of my people,” she posted on her Facebook page.

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To buttress the point that her people are happy with the project, Hon. Owoko posted also photographs of the excited women dancing at the commissioning of the first ever floating latrine in Africa.

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