Game Of Thrones: Why does this HBO show attract millennials so much?

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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a millennial favourite despite its dark themes.

To say Game of Thrones is a pop culture phenomenon is an understatement.

The premiere of season 7 of the HBO show was pirated 90 million times according to some sites. If that number doesn't astound you then this will, traffic on the world's biggest porn site dipped during the #GOT premiere.

Yeah, Game of Thrones is pretty much a big deal. It might just go down in history as the greatest TV series of all time.


The insane popularity of Game of Thrones raises up one question. Why is a series that is so dark, gloomy and realistic so big among millennials?


The young generation of today is known to strive for political correctness than a stark portrayal of the world. Most TV shows are tilted towards pleasing everyone these days which is not a bad thing.


There are more gay characters on TV than ever before. Although diversity still has a long way to go, there are more people of colour on TV screens now. Themes of these shows tend to please the millennial crowd rather than offend.

Game of Thrones isn't exactly in the pleasing business. It kills its favourite characters, rapes women and mocks a gay aristocrat. It portrays the world that most millennials are trying to phase out with protest marches and hashtags. The only marching in Game of Thrones is when a war is about to go down. Millennials don't want war. They want justice, peace and wokeness.

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The popularity of Game of Thrones in this PC era isn't far fetched. People want to live life on the edge vicariously. They don't want to get their hands dirty but they want to see others do it. In this case, we want fictitious characters written by George R.R Martin to get dirty.

It's the same reason why were held spellbound by a cancer stricken meth lord in "Breaking Bad". We all have bad desires and instead of letting them out we would rather watch people inside a TV do them.


The TV series "Sons of Anarchy" is centred around an outlaw biker gang. These bikers don't necessarily like black people, toss around women and sell drugs and weapons. The show was a hit when it aired and still has a cult following. Most of its fans don't even have a gun.


We might all hope for an ideal world but when it is time for entertainment we might not want it to be deal especially when the writing is as compelling as the one in Game of Thrones.

For what it is worth also, the TV series unconsciously also resonates with today's generation. There are a lot of strong female characters, gay characters and weirdos that would definitely appeal to this generation.


Game of Thrones might have taken place centuries before but it still powerful enough to attract this generation. 

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