Honest Nigerian: Meet civil servant who made a tough call of returning excess N1.7m salary

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Mrs. Husseina Mohammed made an astonishing choice by returning a sum of N1, 780,500 in excess salary to the Kogi State Government after a wrong payment made into her bank account.

Mrs. Husseina Mohammed made the decision to return the money after consulting with her family.

A civil servant, Mrs. Husseina Mohammed, who works at the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) in the Kogi state capital, Lokoja, gave a shot at honesty by returning a sum of N1, 780,500 in excess salary.

This occurred at a time when a bunch of her colleagues were expecting payment for months of owed wages.

Upon receiving the surprising credit alert on her bank account, Mohammed discussed the unexpected error with her husband who is also a civil servant.

Both made a decision to follow the most ethical course by returning the amount to the government despite having huge financial responsibilities to handle.

As her next step of action following her strong resolve to surrender the money, the woman who is also an accountant contacted Alhaji Abdulkareem Abdulamlik, the Director General, Bureau of Information and Grassroots Mobilisation, to inform him of the error in payment.

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The latter was full of praise for Mohammed, while also noting that her act of honesty will certainly meet good reward.

One of these will most likely be the payment of her husband's salary who is still being owed 15 months salary by the government.

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