In Kogi: Govt. suspends salary of civil servant who returned misallocated fund

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Mrs. Husseina Mohammed made an astonishing choice by returning a sum of N1, 780,500 in excess salary to the Kogi State Government after a wrong payment made into her bank account.

The woman has been warned against speaking to members of the press or face more punishment.

A civil servant in Kogi State, Mrs. Husseina Mohammed, learned a twisted side of honesty after the government reportedly suspended her salary despite coming clean about  an error payment.

The reason for this is because Mohammed misinformed the public about receiving a credit alert according to the Daily Post News.


This punishment came from Alhaji Yusuf Okala, the Auditor General for the state, who also ordered that she be served a query for her 'wrongdoing'.

She also risks facing stiffer punishment if she talks to members of the press according to reports.

The Daily Post also reported that the civil servant returned only N1.6m of N1.8m which she was expected to remit to the state purse.

Her relatives have termed the recent development as a false accusation and an embarrassment to their family.

A family source who spoke to the Daily Post News said:

"We are surprise that they are coming up with this at this time that the couple honourably returned money mistakenly paid into their account.

"The husband has not been paid for more than 15 Months yet they didn’t bother to withhold the huge sum of money despite the current hardship.

"This family barely feed three square meal just because of the harsh economy and the non payment of salary in kogi state.

"From what I know, they have been surviving through the wive even though the husband is also working with the state government.

"Are we supposed to blame them or blame the cashier?. The government should also blame their personnel for this defects instead of suffering an innocent soul when she made the state proud.

"It is unfortunate that they are getting this at this time instead of being honoured for their honesty

"Going by what is happening, if something of such happens again, people will be scared to come out and return such money because they don’t want to be disgraced.

"The news is everywhere now that they have issued her a query and her salary be placed on hold. Let be sincere, if you are the one, will you be happy? Am really disappointed I must confess."


Nigeria has seen the case of a UBA security guard, Mohammed Ibrahim Ogbanago,  who returned a sum of $10,000 and got rewarded for his unique and almost shocking show of honesty.

But with the recent treatment of Mohammed, a bunch of people will think twice before they come forward to submit lost or misallocated funds in the future.

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