Jungle Justice: Suspected female kidnapper burnt to death in Ikorodu [Graphic Photos]

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In what seems to be a recurring decimal, an alleged female kidnap suspect has been burnt to death in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State.

Ikorodu, Lagos State, is fast gaining a notoriety for jungle justice as in the past few weeks, no fewer than five suspects have been handed the fiery jungle justice by residents instead of handing them over to the police.

The latest in the series was an alleged suspected female kidnapper who was beaten to a pulp and burnt to death by an irate mob after she was caught while attempting to abduct two children.

Eyewitnesses report that the victim was caught while she was about to kidnap some school children along Etunrenren road in Ojubode area of Ikorodu in the afternoon of Tuesday, July 4, 2017, and as it has become the norm in recent times, an angry crowd promptly meted out jungle justice on her.

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A resident who narrated the incident to Pulse, said the woman was apprehended when two traders at Allinson Junction close to the United High School in the area raised an alarm after the woman who said she was 40-years-old, was seen acting as someone who mentally deranged.

"A man selling meat and an Aboki (Hausa man) selling fruits at Allinson Junction saw the woman who was behaving like a mad woman going to a corner to receive a phone call and when they approached her and asked her what she was doing, she could not tell them what she was doing in the area.

The man and the Aboki raised an alarm which brought a crowd to the place. The woman was apprehended and handed over to the local vigilante office.

When she was interrogated by the Deputy Chairman of the vigilante group, she could still not say what she was doing there. A search was conducted on her and an iPhone 7, a juju ring, and a list containing a description of children like the age range, prices, and height, were found in her bag.

When the people started beating her, the woman now confessed that she came from Isolo area to kidnap children and that she didn't come alone.

She said that the man who had come with her had fled when people started questioning her. The vigilante people said they would hand her over to the police and put a call to the officers but before the arrival of the police, the mob had beaten her to a pulp before she was burnt to death.

Initially, when they set fire on her, the fire did not consume her because of the juju ring with her but someone later brought a native egg and broke it on her before the fire could get her."

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This is not the first time suspects have been burnt to death in Ikorodu in the past few weeks and the recurring decimal is becoming worrisome.

Just on Sunday, July 2, 2017, a fast-rising comedian and Master of Ceremony, Chinedu Paul also known as MC Think Twice, and two of his friends were burnt to death on suspicion that they were members of the deadly Badoo Ritual cult gang.

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