Killer On The Loose: Ghanaian prostitute claims to have killed 100 men

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A popular brothel in Ghana

A Ghanaian commercial sex worker has sent shock waves after she confessed to a radio station that she caused the deaths of over 100 men.

A 36-year-old Ghanaian commercial sex worker identified as Katerine Obenewaa, has shocked her country men with a shocking confession on how she caused the death of 100 men while she also made 70 others impotent.

Adom Online reports that Obenewaa said that she killed her victims after engaging in sex with them, sending shock waves down the spines of many men, especially those who patronize prostitutes.

In an interview on Koforidua-based Bryt FM’s, Obenewaa who resides at Labone, a suburb of the Accra, said she was introduced to the business of prostitution at the age of 16 when her parents divorced and she needed to cater for herself.

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“I was initially working as a local prostitute but later went international after coming into contact with one Miss Elizabeth Opeyemi, an international sex worker from Nigeria,” she revealed.

According to her, Opeyemi took her to places like Nigeria, Benin, Togo, and Burkina Faso among others, where they engaged in international prostitution.

“My eight years of friendship with Miss Opeyemi was a great moment that saw me with billions of cedis. I was able to buy two separates six-bed room apartments from the monies I made through my sex business and now own a lot of other landed properties from this same sex business,” she boasted.

In view of the lucrative nature of the business, Obenewaa said she was compelled to seek some spiritual backing and that was when she was introduced to one Alhaji Abugri, a spiritualist at Benin.

She revealed that Alhaji Abugri gave her some cowries and powdery substance and directed her to insert them inside her vagina before embarking on her trips to solicit clients, thinking it was just to boost her sex trade.

Obenewaa further revealed how she started making huge sums of money after the spiritual encounter but realized that almost all the men she slept with died shortly after, prompting her to seek explanations from her spiritualist.

She got the shocking revelation from Alhaji Abugri who told her the powdery substance she has been inserting into her private part was a spiritual serpent that has been enticing men to seek for her service.

Out of fear, Obenewaa said she pleaded with Alhaji Abugri to do something about it but none of her efforts yielded any positive outcome as the spiritualist said it was irreversible until death.

“Though I have acquired the needed wealth one could desire for in life, I am still not a happy person because of this predicament in my life.”

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The prostitute who said she is full of regret for allowing herself to be the cause of numerous deaths and impotency, she added that she has been cursing the day she met Opeyemi and has, therefore, sent a strong warning to other ladies who engage in prostitution to quit the profession.

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