Men Are Scum: There's a website where women can post their heart break stories

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The new website for ladies

Men are scum movement has gathered momentum with a new website.

It has gone from a controversial slogan to a website now.

Yes, there is a website where women can now air out the scum guys they have dated and write about them.

The name of the website is men are scum and it is a bare-bone site where you can see the evil men have done in this world by breaking the hearts of women.


The site is simple to use. All you have to do is register and write your tale of woe and heartache. You can add the scum's name and age. People who visit the site can vote for any story for the scum of the month.

Right now, Harrison, 26, is the scum of the month.

"I was 16 when I met him. He was really sweet to me and all but of course, that was a ruse.

He constantly made me feel like shit under the disguise of love. He broke my heart repeatedly but I still went back because I genuinely loved him. Trust me I was not being naive.


I remember on one occasion which I sent him a text just appreciating him and telling him how much I loved him and then he actually told me that it was "too much". I just cried myself to sleep because I genuinely poured out my heart and soul to that piece of trash and he said that.

Anyway, we dated for approximately 4 months or so (we kept breaking up). Lol, he even cheated on me and had the fucking audacity to shout at me.


He truly sucked out all the happiness left in me. And after he finally convinced me to lose my virginity to him, he dumped me."

There are quite a lot of scum testimonies on the site. Sorry guys, the men are scum movement isn't going anywhere soon.

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