Men's Roundtable: Ayo Fayose: Is it not time to listen to this enfant terrible?

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The Men's Roundtable

Though the Governor of Ekiti State is seen as one cantankerous and worrisome individual, he has shown the capacity to stand up to the ruling APC.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes someone tagged as an Enfant Terrible as a person known for making shocking remarks or having an outrageous behavior.

It also goes on to say that such an individual is often a young and successful person who is strikingly unorthodox in his behaviours and does not conform to the norms of the society.

On its own, the Collins Dictionary describes an enfant terrible as someone who is clever, innovative, bold but unconventional and often cause problems or embarrassment for their friends or families, while the Oxford Dictionary describes an enfant terrible as a person who behaves in an unconventional or controversial way, often drawing attention to himself..

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If you take all these explanations and juxtapose with what is happening in Nigeria, the Ekiti State Governor, Peter Ayodele Fayose clearly fits into the mold of an enfant terrible of Nigerian politics because of his antics which many see as not only being confrontational but constantly vexing, startling and embarrassing, especially his opinion or expectations.


In the past two years since President Muhammadu Buhari and the All Progressive Congress [APC] came into power, Fayose has been the only one standing up to them, provoking them to the extent they always find a way of responding to his various allegations.

He has been able to stir them to actions most times and with the way he has been going, Fayose has been the only gadfly in the ointment of the APC. While many who wined and dined with the powers that be when the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] was in power have all become turncoats, running to the APC to seek cover or be shielded from prosecution, Fayose has been the last man standing.

He has taken on almost about anyone in the ruling APC and while many see his style as being annoying, irritating, infuriating and exasperating, he has maintained a consistency that has baffled many despite the many battles he is facing at the moment.

Though most times he has made derogatory statements about the President especially on the state of his health, something that has drawn the anger of many, Fayose has been the only one reminding Nigerians that there is actually an opposing voice in the polity.


He has been able to unleash some startling secrets about the APC and it is often funny when they run around trying to debunk his claims, spurious or real, often being on the attack, a clear case that they do not even know how to deal with the enfant terrible.

It is now over 60 days since President Buhari left the country for a medical vacation in London and the Presidency has not deemed it fit to let Nigerians know what is wrong with their beloved leader.

They have continued to hide information about his health and what he is going through though they keep saying he is doing very well and that Nigerians should continue praying for him.

One can remember how the APC kept lampooning the PDP for not giving Nigerians daily updates on the health status of the late President Umaru Musa Yar'adua when he was flown abroad for medical treatment before he eventually died.

But in the case of Buhari, the APC has suddenly played the Ostrich, telling Nigerians that only the President can reveal his health status.

It only takes the enfant terrible in Fayose to keep reminding Nigerians that their President is incapacitated despite all attempts by the ruling party to keep the information from Nigerians.


It is Fayose and his brash style that keeps the APC on its toes and gets them scampering whenever the fancy catches him to release one bomb or the other.

This piece is in no way extolling Fayose or applauding him for his unguarded statements most of the time, especially against President Muhammadu Buhari but it is time Nigerians take him seriously and even thank him for being the last man standing.

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Call him whatever you want, attack him as much as you want, denigrate Ayo Fayose as much as you want but in the end, it is glaring that he is the only one bold enough to take on the ruling APC who think Nigerians are so docile and cannot question anything they do.

He may not have the tact to couch his words in the manner that will be acceptable to many but he has often been able to pique our conscience on what is going on.

Ayo Fayose, with his troublesome and vexatious manner, has been able to set the APC on fire anytime he speaks and should be taken seriously for once.

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