Morning Teaser: 'My uncle's wife is sleeping with their pastor'

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A really worried woman needs advice

Emmanuella has always loved staying with her uncle Mark but what she saw his wife, Stella engaging in with their pastor has put her in a difficult position.

" Dear Pulse,

My name is Emmanuella, a 24-year-old fresh graduate from a Nigerian university. I was lucky to get posted to Lagos State for my youth service because I knew I would have any problem regarding an accommodation since my mother's younger brother lives here with his family.

My uncle Mark has always been my favourite amongst all my uncles and aunts because he is one cool guy who knows what is in vogue at every point in time.

Anytime I visited him in Lagos, he would go out of his way to take me to the movies, clubs and always made my stay great fun.

I always looked forward to coming to see him, so I had prayed to be posted to Lagos because I knew he would make my stay worth the while. So I was very happy when I got my posting to Lagos and when I called to tell him, he was so happy and said he could not wait for me to come over.

But the only snag in staying with Uncle Mark was his wife, Stella, who was always indifferent whenever I came around. Though she did not show me any animosity, she neither showed delight whenever I came around.

I don't know if she felt threatened with the attention her husband showed to me or she felt he neglected her whenever I was around but I remember that most times my uncle would take me out, he often asked her to join us but she would decline, giving one flimsy excuse or the other.

When I came to Lagos, my uncle made it mandatory for me to go to their church even though I am Catholic and since I did not want to disobey him, I had to go with them to the Pentecostal church they attended.

Stella is a worker in the church and I quickly got to realize that she was very close to the pastor and worked mostly around him and in his office.

It did not take me long to find out that she was having an affair with the pastor. I know many would ask how I found out but I am a woman and I know the tell-tale signs of people who are in a relationship.

I also heard rumours from some ladies who openly talked about the affair, so I decided to do a discreet investigation and after just two weeks, I caught the two of them in the act when the pastor came to our house during my uncle's absence.

Stella thought I had gone for my CDA because it was a Thursday but that day, I was having menstrual cramps and could not leave my room. I heard when the pastor came to the house, which was not unusual as he often popped in even when my uncle was at home.

Having heard so many rumours about them, I decided to be very attentive and watchful to know what they were up to. After waiting for some minutes without hearing prayers, I managed to get out of bed and tip-toed to the sitting room and peeped and what did I see?

My uncle's wife and the pastor were locked together, kissing fervently and tearing their clothes apart right there in the settee.

I was shocked beyond words and did not know when I screamed. They quickly pulled apart and looked at me in shock. None of them could say a thing as the pastor hurried away while Stella just sat there with her head lowered into her arms.

Since I caught her about two weeks ago, she has been trying all she can to be nice to me but I feel disgusted and keep away from her as much as I can. I always give one excuse or the other to my uncle whenever it is time to go to their church.

I am torn between love and loyalty for my uncle and pity for Stella because I do not want to be the cause of problems in their marriage. While my head tells me to inform my uncle about what I saw, my heart tells me I should not inflict pains on them.


Dear readers, Emmanuella is really in a dilemma at the moment as she is torn between love and loyalty. On Morning Teaser today, what would you advise her to do in this quagmire she has found herself in?

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