Morning Teaser: 'My wife's best friend is harassing me sexually'

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George is being harassed sexually by his wife's best friend and godmother to his daughter and he is now contemplating taking an action.

"Dear Pulse,

My name is George, a 38-year-old married man with two kids. I have been married to Vickie, an amazing woman, and mother for six years but her best friend, Yinka, is making life difficult for me.

Yinka has been Vickie's best friend for ages and was even her maid of honour and godmother to our first daughter but in the past one year, she has been tempting me and begging me to sleep with her.

I don't know if my wife has ever discussed our astonishing sex life and I keep wondering what would make Yinka suddenly decide to come on so strongly to me, making it very clear that she wants to sleep with me.

I know she is not in any serious relationship and keeps telling me how much she has been starved of good sex for many months.

It started one day when she came to help Vickie cook food for our daughter's birthday and Vickie had to dash to the market to get some items. I was in my study working on my laptop when she came in and sat beside me.

It was not the first time she had come into my study as we all regarded her as a member of the family but on that day, I could see the desire written all over her face. We got talking and she began making some sexy remarks about how I would feel on her.

I was taken aback by her statement and the way the conversation was going but I did not caution her which I now see as a mistake. Before I knew it, she had put her hands on me and began massaging my neck. Then she raised my face and wanted to kiss me but I pushed her away and told her to stop as my wife could come in at any time.

Since that first day, Yinka has been relentless in pursuing me, sending me lewd text messages of what she would do to me in bed, how she would make love to me till I forget my name.

She has sent me several of her nude photos, begging me almost everyday to have sex with her. I have warned her to take her mind off such thoughts but she would not accept that.

I have even threatened to report her to my wife, though I know I can't do that, she says she does not mind.

I have confided in a few friends and many of them say I should go ahead and have sex with her but I don't want to cheat on my wife, especially with her best friend. I am no longer comfortable being alone with Yinka for fear of what she could do.

What do you think I should do?


Dear readers, if you were to be in George's shoes, what would you do with this sexual harassment from Yinka? That is what we want you to weigh in on Morning Teaser today.

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