Nice Reward: Suspected female kidnapper stripped naked, beaten to pulp [Graphic Photos]

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This female kidnapper would have been dead by now

A female kidnapper who attempted abducting a girl for ritual purposes was lucky to be alive after an angry mob tried to lynch her.

A suspected female kidnapper who was apprehended after allegedly hypnotizing a young girl and attempted to abduct her was given the kind of treatment she never expected by an angry crowd in Lagos.

According to a Facebook user who witnessed the incident, the woman had tried to kidnap the victim ostensibly for ritual purposes in the Ajao Estate area of the state but her attempts failed after some vigilant residents noticed that the girl following her seemed to be under some influence and accosted the suspect.

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This is how the witness captured the humiliation the suspect suffered:

"Wonders shall never end, my people. Please, we all need to be careful. Don't send your young wards out unaccompanied because these kinds are everywhere now. This story I'm about to share happened in my area, Oke-Afa, the new road that leads to Ajao Estate and many other places.


Most of us should be conversant with the road in the pictures below. The pictures below are those of a woman kidnapper who hypnotized a teenage girl from Ajao Estate, taking her to God knows where.

She took this girl from Ajao Estate all in the name of looking for a warehouse. The innocent girl had been hypnotized and did everything according to the woman's instructions. So she followed her from Ajao Estate and when they got to Canoe, my street to be precise, her co kidnappers appeared.

They were two guys asking her and the girl what they were looking for and the woman said she doesn't understand English as she is from Togo and speaks and understands French only.

One of the guys interpreted what the woman said and told the girl that she said she was looking for a warehouse. The other guy now said that there was one at Ejigbo and that they should take Marwa [tricycle] to the place.


As they were waiting for the Marwa, the innocent girl sighted her uncle's car passing by and the uncle who also saw her standing with the strange woman, stopped his vehicle but before he could park his car, the woman ran into my street and hid behind some cars parked there.

When the uncle asked the girl what she was doing there, she said that she and the woman were looking for a warehouse. The man asked her who she was with but when the girl turned, she did not see the woman.

When the woman saw the man going into his car, she came out of her hiding place and dragged the girl to go along with her and that she should forget about her uncle, not knowing that the man was still watching her.


The man then rushed out of his car and grabbed the woman and to his surprise, the woman who claimed she could not speak English, not only started speaking in English but also in Igbo, telling the man that she did not know the girl.

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By now, people had gathered and started beating her, asking her what she wanted to do with the girl. She confessed that she was sent to kidnap the girl. She also confessed that after they kidnap a victim and collect ransom from the family, they would sell the victim to ritualists.

The crowd went berserk at this point and stripped her naked, beating her mercilessly. In fact, they wanted to burn her alive if not for the intervention of the police who rescued her. She would have been history by now. May God help us all because no one is safe."

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