Pulse Nigeria Poll: Readers beg Josephine to divorce her cheating husband

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This crying woman needs help urgently

52% of Pulse Nigeria Poll voters have told Josephine to divorce her cheating pastor husband as he is not ready to change.

Josephine has been married to a man of God for the past 20 years but all through their marriage, her husband Pastor Ben has been indulging in infidelity.

He started by getting one of the choir members pregnant and that shook the foundation of their marriage seriously.

But she stuck by her husband and was determined to make the marriage work but Pastor Ben has never changed.

Read her story here:

"My name is Josephine, a 42-year-old mother of four. I have been married to Pastor Ben for the past 20 years but in all our years together, my husband has been involved in one sex scandal or the other but what he did last month has really shaken the foundation of our union.

I met Ben when he was in a Bible college and we began dating after our church pastor gave us the go ahead after praying for us. Ben was a worker in the church but had this burning zeal to serve God and hence going to the Bible college to prepare himself.

Immediately after he graduated, he told our pastor that God wanted him to be on his own and the pastor prayed for him and gave him his blessings but he said we must get married first so that he would be focused in the vineyard.

That was how we got married when I was just 22-years-old and all through the struggle to build the church to what it is today, I have been there for him, giving support as a wife and partner in the ministry.

But a few years after we got married, the weakness that has continued to afflict Ben came to the fore when he got one of the female choristers pregnant. This caused a very big crisis in the church as many members got angry and left.

I was so angry with him that I left his house but after mediation by our families and some church elders, I went back to him.

But instead of my husband learning from his mistakes, he kept getting involved in one sex scandal or the other and instead of the church growing, we have been in the same position. If we manage to get new members, they would leave after a while when they get to know my husband's secret life.

But the one that has made me make up my mind to leave for good was when he was caught with the women's leader having sex in a hotel.

The disgrace and shame he brought to me, church members and his children were just too much as he and the woman were paraded naked in our area and when they were brought to our house, all our neighbours made a mockery of me and my kids.

I can take it no more and despite people saying as a pastor's wife I should forgive him, I don't think I can cope again.


The teaser for the day was:

What would you advise Josephine to do?

How Nigeria voted:

Josephine should divorce Pastor Ben with immediate effect - 52%

Josephine should forgive her husband for the sake of the ministry - 14%

Josephine should imbibe the virtues of Christ and overlook her husband's infidelity - 21%

Josephine should move out of the area with her children - 14%

How would you vote here?

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