Pulse Nigeria Poll: Readers say Oyindamola should not leave her marriage

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This is one very worried woman (Illustration)

30% of Pulse Nigeria Poll voters are of the view that Oyindamola should stay and fight for her marriage instead of leaving for another woman.

Oynidamola, a Yoruba woman has been married to Sunny who is an Igbo man, for 12 years but little did she know that her husband had married another wife from his tribe.

She only got to know through the social media that Sunny had wedded the woman for over two years and that they have a child together.

His excuse is that his people insisted he must marry someone from their place as they did not accept an outsider as an in-law.

Read her story here:

"My name is Oyindamola, a 40-year-old married woman with three children. I have been married to Sunny, an Igbo man, for 12 years but just two months ago, I discovered that my husband has a secret wife and a child.

I made the shocking discovery via Facebook when I stumbled upon a woman celebrating her second year wedding anniversary and saw the photo of her and my husband. Still not convinced, thinking that this could be a case of resemblance, I checked further and saw Sunny and the woman with a child who is his split replica.

This is a man I got married to when he had nothing and together, we built a business that has become a success and now, the only thing he can reward me with is to go behind me and marry someone from his tribe without letting me know.

In truth, many of his family members were not favourably disposed to him marrying a Yoruba woman but he claimed to love me and defied all their opposition to get married to me.

My family had accepted him with open arms and supported our marriage from the moment I took him to meet them. In fact, it was my older brother who gave him some money to invest in his business and was always there for us whenever the need arose.

I remember that three years ago, Sunny told me he was trying to set up a business in Onitsha and traveled often to see how the business was doing.

Little did I know that there were no business dealings he had in the East but he was traveling so much to prepare for the marriage. I was also surprised that no member of his family or his friends cared to inform me of the marriage.

Could believe that after the wedding, Sunny brought the new wife to Lagos and rented an apartment for her not too far from our house, all these behind my back.

When I confronted him with my discovery, my husband told me that his family forced him to marry the woman as they were not comfortable with him marrying a Yoruba woman.

How can a man be this ungrateful and cruel to bite the fingers that fed him. Many of my friends want me to divorce him while others want me to stay and fight for my marriage because of my children.

What do you guys think I should do?


The teaser for the day was:

What do you think Oyindamola should do in this situation?

How Nigeria voted:

She should divorce Sunny immediately - 19%

She should stay and fight for her marriage and children - 30%

She should make sure Sunny does not bring the new wife into her home - 22%

She should just accept the second wife and live in peace - 29%

How would your vote swing here?

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