R. Kelly: You are most likely in a cult too

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You don't have to look like this to be in a cult

Many people wrongly think about Satan and dark magic when they think about the word cult.

The Pied Piper has allegedly gotten himself into a bunch of mess again.

A Buzzfeed story claims that the R&B singer R. Kelly runs a sex "cult" of sorts. When we hear the word cult, we think of men in red or dark robes chanting strange words in a dark temple. We think of coloured candles, pentagrams and blood sacrifices.

In truth, a cult is less glamorous of Nollywood in its heyday of producing supernatural thrillers like "Sakobi" and "Karashika". Cults can be religious and sometimes border on the diabolical but not all the times.


A group of people that are blindly devoted to a person, thing or idea can be said to be in a cult. It could also mean a devotion to a work of art hence the terms "cult classic" and "cult following."


With the R. Kelly story, it now makes sense that his group of women are said to be in a cult, that's if the report is true. What makes the R. Kelly story scary is the presence of an alleged manipulative figure.


Charles Manson and preacher Jim Jones are in the bad pages of the history books for manipulating their followers to commit suicide and murder.


Celebrity worship is not a bad thing. We can say the BeyHive and the Rihanna Navy are cults in their own right. Millions of women and men worship Beyonce and Rihanna. These two super celebs influence a generation you can hardly call them manipulative.


This is what makes the R. Kelly story scary if true. A person who yields so much power shouldn't be manipulative because 10 out of 10 times the results will end up being bad.

You can read the R. Kelly story and tell yourself this can never happen to you but the bitter truth that quite a few people reading this article are in cults.

If your pastor emotionally manipulates you to give him your hard earned salary to pay for his new private jet, you are in a cult. If your man of God tells you to eat grass, you are in a cult. If a religious leader tells you to donate your only car to the church, you are in a cult.


Who do you believe in? If a celebrity or man of God manipulates your thinking and reasoning, you are a member of a cult. You don't have to go for a meeting in the forest with a priest to be in one.

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