Red Bull Music Academy: Meet the lecturers - Award winner duo, Nneka, Ekiti Sound System

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The Red Bull Music Academy is a recognized global music institution committed to fostering creativity in music.

The Red Bull Music Academy is famed for its lectures; it is where industry Legends share their stories with the aspiring musicians who dream that one day, they too will become success stories just like their idols.

As the Academy arrives in West Africa for the first time, we look at the careers of award-winning guest lecturers, Nneka and Ekiti as they get ready to share their industry nuggets with the participants at the #RBMA session happening in Lagos between 14th and 15th July.


HIP-HOP LEGEND Nas calls her “amazing” and “an incredible artist.”. The Sunday Times hailed her as the new Lauryn Hill and said her debut album was “as good as The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.” Award-winning Nigerian singer-songwriter Nneka has gone on to achieve critical acclaim. A graduate of Anthropology at Hamburg University, Nneka often recalls tales of playing gigs in the underground scene in Germany. Co-incidentally, the Red Bull Music Academy will hold in Berlin, Germany this year.

Known for her politically charged lyrics which have swiftly established her as one of Africa's most powerful voices. Nneka's lyrics examine a myriad of social issues, including maternal love, heartbreak and the quest for justice. Over the last decade, Nneka has released chart success with a UK Top 20 hit and spun a feature by Nas as well as had her music sampled by Rita Ora for her #1 UK hit R.I.P.


Award-winning sound designer and music producer CHiF will be joining Nneka as a guest lecturer. An industry expert, he has worked as aa sound designer/editor for award-winning films such as The Wages, Green White Green in Nigeria in addition to his work as a dialogue editor for Pinewood Studios on Hollywood blockbusters such as Pirates of the Caribbean & Captain America.

He is the co-founder of the Lagos Music Conference, which played host to companies such as Sony, Spotify, Aristokrat Records and many others at its maiden conference in Lagos 2016.

Fearless and forever an outliner, CHiF continually seeks ways to explore the use of audio to deliver creative expression in all forms and media.

With studios in London and Lagos and his independent imprint Mizchif Records, CHiF is proof that the independent artist can carve a successful and exciting career in today’s modern music landscape.

To APPLY for The Red Bull Music Academy Lagos 2017.

Applications for the event in Lagos has now closed.

To apply for The Red Bull Academy Berlin 2018

The application form can be downloaded from the Academy website and must be submitted between June 15 and September 4, 2017.

Each applicant must also submit a musical demo, no longer than 30 minutes. This can be uploaded at or mailed to us on a CD.

The Red Bull Music Academy jury will announce the selected applicants in early 2018.

P.s help us spread the word by sharing this application with a fellow musician!

The Red Bull Music Academy is a recognized global music institution committed to fostering creativity in music.

The world traveling series of music workshops and festivals offers an exciting platform for those who want to make a difference in today’s musical scene.

In conclusion of the two-day Red Bull Music Academy Sessions Lagos, which covers a range of workshops and lectures, we will be celebrating history with the completion of the first ever session in West Africa.

We will be concluding with a Block party as Guinness book record holder, DJ Obi takes us on a musical journey and shares a set with DJ Jimmy Jatt, Ekiti Sound System and Blinky Bill, at Bogobiri on Friday the 14th of July from 8PM and the After Party at 1089 on Saturday the 15th of July, 2017 from 10PM as they showcase their various styles and represent different genres.


RBMA has partnered with The Dreams Project for #RBMALAGOS and its produced by Eclipse Live.

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