Safety: 5 ways to keep safe during a house fire outbreak

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Do NOT try to find your phone, valuables, or any other important possessions. To get out of the house as fast as possible should be your only concern.

The importance of fire safety cannot in anyway be overemphasized.

Although, it is normal to think that it is likely not possible to fall victim to a house fire, it is also better to be prepared and know what to do to avoid panicking if it happens to you.

Owing to this, you should be aware that your first priority is to get yourself and your family members out as quickly as possible if a fire starts in your home.

And you should also be reminded that with fire, there's no time to stop to get your valuables.

However, if you want to know how to stay safe during a house fire to increase your chances of survival, simply follow these steps

1. Be quick to react the moment you hear your smoke alarm go off

Try to exit your home as safely as possible the moment you hear your smoke detector or alarm goes off.

Do NOT try to find your phone, valuables, or any other important possessions. To get out of the house as fast as possible should be your only concern. Nothing else is as important as this.


You never can tell how limited your escape time is; so be wise to ignore all secondary concerns that have nothing to do with staying alive.

However, if it's nighttime, shout out loud to get everyone up.

2. Check for smoke before exiting through door

You cannot go out that door if you see smoke coming under it. Smoke is toxic and fire is always expected to follow.

But if there’s no smoke coming beneath the door, then you should place the back of your hand up to the door to ensure it doesn't feel hot.

If it's cool, as it is expected to be without smoke, then open it slowly and pass through it.

Note: If your door is open and there is a fire preventing you from exiting the room, close the door to protect yourself from the fire.

Also, if the door is hot or there's smoke under it and there are no other doors to pass through, then your only choice is to find a way to escape through a window.

3. If you can't get out, try to ward off the smoke

Try not to panic if you can't escape your home. You may not be able to get out, but you can still take some measures to ward off the smoke and stay safe till you get help.  

To ward off the smoke, all you need do is to close your door and cover all vents and cracks around it with cloth or tape to keep the smoke out for as long as you can.

Remember to avoid panic as it might drive you to danger.

4. Drop to the ground and roll if your clothes catch fire

Should it happen that your clothes catch fire, you should immediately stop what you're doing, drop flat to the ground, and roll around as this will help smother the fire quickly

Cover your face with your hands as you're rolling to protect yourself.

5. Do a head count

A head count should be done if you’re not alone in the house before the fire. And if anybody is missing, only re-enter the building IF IT IS SAFE TO DO SO.


Tell the first responders immediately on their arrival if someone is missing. But if everyone is accounted for, no one should go inside the building for any reason.

Safety precautions for preventing fire

  1. Educate your children on the dangers of fire

  2. Always be in the kitchen when you're cooking something.

  3. Put out your cigarettes completely after smoking. It is even advisable to smoke outside.

  4. Dispose of any electronics with frayed wires, which could lead to a fire.

  5. Do NOT leave a lighted candle in a room where no one is. Remember to always put it out before going to bed

  6. Remember to turn off the gas off before leaving the kitchen.

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