Smart Alecs: UK shop caught selling ‘Ghana Must Go’ bags for £22

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The Ghana Must Go bags on display at the Topshop

Two Nigerian ladies living in the UK have been outraged after a retailer shop was found to be selling Ghana Must Go bags for a whopping N8,000.

A retail shop in the United Kingdom, Topshop, has been exposed by some Nigerians living there for allegedly selling Ghana Must Go bags for a whopping £22 [about N8,000], and passing it for original designer bags.

According to two Nigerian Twitter users who saw the bags in the shop, they are conspicuously displayed and shoppers are told they are some of the best in the world of bag designs and people rush for them as it is now in vogue.

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The first to confirm the sales of the bags was Seun with the handle @lulu_babalola with a tweet:

“So Topshop is selling Ghana Must Go bags for £22?

Buying everyday items from popular designers for the sake of simply showing off is not a new concept, but I'd like to think we all draw the line at buying Ghana Must Go bags for the price of a bag of rice.

Yeah, you read that right: UK fashion retailer, Topshop, is allegedly selling Ghana Must Go inspired tote bags for £22 (N8,000).”


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Another Twitter user, Jennifer Tetteh with the handle @jennifertetteh, also confirmed the sale of the Ghana Must Go bags in the shop with her tweet:

“Topshop actually out here selling ‘Ghana Must Go’ style bags for £22. Anyone looking for the genuine article? My mama's got the hookup.”

See the tweets here



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