You Know I'm Just Joking by Ayomide Tayo: The gods of the Island have the last laugh

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The gods of the Island struck the mainland hard

The mainland got more than its fair share of flood over the weekend.

On Saturday, July 22, 2017 it was more than a day of local government elections in Lagos state.

It was a day the gods of the Island decided to unleash vengeance on the mainland. Before I continue with the gods of the Island, let me say something about the local government elections.

The polls that happened on Saturday to me was unnecessary because local governments in Lagos are basically useless. They don't do anything. Yes, I did not vote and you have a right to say I am one of the problems of this country.


In my defence, all I can say is that there we no credible candidates in my local government to vote for. If none of the candidates align with my interests why should I vote for them? It made no sense me to vote under the rain and months later you find out that your local government chairman is in Dubai with one small UNILAG girl. I have better things to do. Back to the topic at hand.

A couple of weeks ago, residents of the mainland mocked Lekki and Ajah big boys for the flood that nearly swallowed them and their expensive cars. Last weekend the tables turned. I woke up to the news that areas on the mainland, Yaba, Surulere and etc were flooded.


I saw photos of Surulere and Yaba streets flooded. They were bloody. Cars were submerged and many streets turned to rivers. All the mainlanders kept quiet as the floods hit their streets. The Islanders didn't let it slide. The gods of the Island had fought for them and now it was time for them to pour salt into injury.


And let's be honest. The floods on the Island looked sexier than the floods on the mainland. The water on the Island was clear but the mainland water looked horrible and dirty. Also in Surulere, we saw so many plastic objects in the flood. It was truly a mainland flood with paraga, alomo, casaprenco, opa eyin bottles floating everywhere.


Now that the game is now a draw on both sides, maybe Lagosians can now wake up and realise this flood issue is not a mainland/Island thing. It concerns all of us. We need to put the phones down and pick up brooms to sweep our gutters.

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