100 Days In London: Things you could have done while President Buhari was away

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President Muhammadu Buhari

There are a lot amazing things you could have done while the President has been away.

The President Buhari has been away from Nigeria for 100 days to unspecified health reasons.

This is a pretty long time for the ruler of a nation to be away. It is hardly heard of during these modern times. Sure, back in the "Game of Thrones" era a monarch could be gone for years and but in the modern world, it is a different ball game.

The fact that the President has been away due to health issues makes this matter very delicate. Still, 100 days away from the office is a serious matter. If you think 100 days are nothing here are the 7 things you could have done since President Buhari left the country.

1) A healthy lifestyle


If you suddenly started to take care of your body the minute the President left this country, you would be fit as a fiddle now. All it takes is three months of cutting of bad eating habits, hitting the gym and eating right for you to get a grip of your body and become healthy. By the time President Buhari comes back you would have been fit as a professional footballer.

2) Relationship


100 days is more than enough time for you to leave a relationship, take a break and get into a new one. Yes, the duration is not ideal but people have left a relationship and gotten into a new one in less than 60 days as a matter of fact. If President Buhari was your friend, he would definitely be shocked at your new man or babe. The last time he was around you were dating someone else.

3) Visit every state in Nigeria


This is not even theory, this is real. Our man Fu'ad is visiting all the states in Nigeria and it would only take him 72 days. For good measure, you can even visit a few neighbouring countries and come back in good time.

4) Pick up a new skill


So you decided to become a photographer when Buhari left the country. Three months of constant practice and learning would make you a decent photographer at the very least.

5) Go around the world


Hey if you don't believe us watch the movie "Around The World In 80 Days", and that movie was shot back then. Today, I am betting that you can go around the world for less.

6) Get to Italy from Nigeria by road and sea


Legit, people actually leave Nigeria and get to Italy by road and sea. Forget about the danger involved, it is possible for you to get to Italy in 100 days and be on the same continent with Buhari.

7) Build a house


If you have enough money, you can build your house, anything from a mini-flat to a three bedroom apartment within 100 days. The house would be sparkling fresh for you to welcome the President.

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