Above The Law: Nigerian soldiers strip lady naked for wearing camouflage

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Is this kind of punishment justified in any form?

Some men of the Nigerian Army have been caught on camera while forcing a young lady to strip naked because she wore a camouflage trouser.

Nigerians have been in shock while roundly condemning the actions of some soldiers who stripped a young lady naked because she wore a camouflage trouser.

The incident which was captured on camera and posted on the social media, allegedly happened in the northern parts of the country when the soldiers forced the lady to take off the camouflage trouser, leaving her only in her under pants.

In the picture of the incident that has been trending on the Internet, the victim is seen being forced to pull down her trousers by a soldier while she appears to be pleading with the officers.

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One of the military men who was supervising the lady to make sure she obeyed their instructions, is seen bent over the lady, appearing to be looking between her legs.

Though the exact location and time the picture was taken could not be established, Nigerians have been enraged by the actions of the soldiers and many have called for them to be identified and punished by the military authority for dehumanizing and humiliating the lady.


This is not the first time Nigerian soldiers have proven to be above the law by brutalizing innocent civilians over offences they deem contravene them.

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Early this year, some soldiers of the Nigerian Army were caught on video assaulting a crippled man who wore camouflage clothes and beat him to a stupor in Onitsha, Anambra State.

Though the military authority tried to manage the damage to its image by arresting the soldiers and apologizing to the victim, the disconnect between it and the general public has continued to widen.

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