Anambra Church Killings: 'Consult local gods to reveal killers of worshippers' - Bishop advice

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Aloy Ikegwuonu Bishop at a function

The alleged target of the Anambra Catholic Church massacre has urged traditional rulers in the state to consult the gods of the land to fish out killers.

High Chief Aloysius Ikegwuonwu alias Bishop, the alleged target of the gunmen that invaded the St. Philip Catholic Church in Ozubulu, Anambra State, on Sunday, August 6, 2017, where 13 worshippers were massacred, has broken his silence on the incident.

Bishop who is alleged to be a drug baron in South Africa was supposed to be killed in the attack which also left over 40 people injured, has told traditional rulers in the community to engage the services of local gods to expose those behind the attack.

According to the Sun Newspaper, Bishop who is said to have built more than three churches and donated them to the Nnewi Catholic Diocese including the one where the attack took place, gave the advice when monarchs in the state paid a condolence visit to the traditional ruler of Ozubulu, HRH Nnamdi Oruche.

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During the visit, Bishop exonerated himself, saying those saying he is a drug baron and a criminal are only out to tarnish himself as he is a genuine businessman who has taken it upon himself to empower his people.

"I don't know why anyone should link me to the killings of innocent people. I am not a drug baron neither am I a criminal. Has anybody previously brought any complaint against me for any reason? I have not offended anybody in all my life. Anybody I offended should come out publicly and say it.

My kinsmen know that I have never made trouble with anybody and have empowered many youths and other folks in the community through the blessings of God. God has blessed me to help others.

I implore you, my lords, to ask the gods of the land to reveal the perpetrators of this dastardly act,” Bishop said while addressing the traditional rulers.


Ikegwuonu said he was surprised that people started making negative comments about him in the media when the incident occurred instead of helping to provide useful information on how to get the killers.

He stressed that the various empowerment programs he has initiated are pointers to the fact that he is a peace loving person.

He added that God has blessed him enough to help others and that people should not be envious of that, advising those making negative statements about him to stop immediately.

Though he has failed to state kind of business he does, Bishop stressed that since the traditional rulers were custodians of tradition and spiritual leaders, they should pray to the gods of the land and use seers to find the killers of the worshippers and bring them to justice.

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The attack that led to the murder of the worshippers during a morning mass was allegedly traced to the fall out of a drug deal in South Africa between Bishop and some of his business partners after he reportedly duped them and ran away with the proceeds from the deal running into millions of Dollars.

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