AutoTopUp: How to never go low on airtime!

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How to never go low on airtime

You will never go low on airtime with this tip!

Ever been low on airtime and all earthly forces are against bank codes and network?

Let’s say you were out of data too and this was happening at a very odd hour with no banks around the corner!What would you do?

What if I told you this very situation can be avoided? There is a seamless way to never go low on airtime at no extra cost.

It is as simple as Signing Up on AutoTopUp!

AutoTopUp is a platform that automatically tops your phone with airtime anytime you go low on credit.

With AutoTopUp you can;

  1. Send an instant setup to your phone and other numbers.

  2. Manage all your airtime needs in a one-time setup.

  3. Schedule top up and monitor airtime usage for family, friends, and businesses.

No one deserves to be low on airtime sign up HERE.


How to sign up

  1. Log on to or visit Google Play Store and download the Auto Top Up app.

  2. Sign Up and fill your details.

  3. Enter your number/numbers.

  4. Set up the amount you want to top up [daily, weekly and/or monthly]

  5. Activate your account by loading your Top Up wallet or by adding a valid payment option.

Do this and you will never be low on airtime again!

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