Domestic Violence: Pastor accused of brutalizing wife for going to another church [Graphic Photos]

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A wicked pastor has been accused of brutalizing his wife

A man of God has been called out for allegedly brutalizing his wife because she was no longer comfortable worshipping in his church.

A man of God has been accused of brutalizing his wife and leaving her with serious injuries after she decided to stop worshipping in the church where he pastors.

According to a Facebook user, Joy Ejiofor who posted the incident on her wall, the man of God, Pastor Peter Ozuha, was not happy that his wife had changed her church after she was no longer comfortable with attending her husband's church.

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Ejiofor who said that the victim was her mother in the post, said Pastor Ozuha and one his church members descended on his wife on July 18, 2017, beating her so bad he left her with severe bruises including a broken head and bloodied face.

See what Ejiofor posted:

"Look at what an evil pastor named Peter Ozuha and is member did to this woman on the 18th of July just because she does not want to worship in his church again.

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Someone, please help forward this till it gets into the hands of the human rights activists. The woman is my mother."


This is not the first case of domestic violence in Nigeria but when it comes from a man of God who is supposed to counsel against such abuses, it really calls for concern.

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