Domestic Violence: Woman breaks husband's head for complaining about her cooking

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This man was brutalized by his wife

It is now clear that men also suffer from domestic violence after married woman smashed her husband's head for complaining about her cooking.

A case of domestic violence with the man being at the receiving end has been reported where an angry wife used a wood to break her husband's head because he dared to complain about her horrible cooking skills.

A Facebook user, Emmanuel Onuoha, who posted the ugly incident on his wall, narrated that the man who is currently jobless complained that his wife's cooking was horrible and the woman who felt insulted, especially by a man who could not provide for his family, picked up a piece of wood and battered him on the head, leaving him bloodied.

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In the post, Onuoha explained that the poor husband had lost his job some time ago and all efforts to get another one has proven abortive, thus giving his wife the impetus to insult and abuse him emotionally, culminating in the violent act on him.

This is what Onuoha wrote:​

"A woman did this to her husband yesterday just because of small argument with her about food issue.

Moreover, the man lost his job and he has been trying his best to secure a job but she took it seriously and used log of wood on his head.

I pity that woman and may God forgive her. If it is you now, what will you do?

Though the case has been settled by friends and family members, they asked the woman to kneel down and apologize to the husband and she said she did it out of anger due to the fact that her husband kept making promises and failing to fulfill them."

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In recent times, men have become targets of domestic abuse by their wives with no one taking note or action.

On Sunday, August 20, 2017, an auxiliary nurse, Folashade Idoko reportedly stabbed her husband, Lawrence Idoko, to death with their landlord and neighbours saying she had abused her husband for many years and he could not open up to what he has been going through.

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