Hate Speech: Nigerians come after Police officer for insulting Igbos

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Nigerians have come after Salihu Ajanaku for making derogatory comments on the Igbos

Nigerians have been in outrage after a police officer posted some very derogatory statements on social media about the Igbos.

Nigerians have been up in arms against a police officer identified as Corporal Salihu Ajanaku after he made some derogatory statements about the Igbos of the South-Eastern parts of the country.

Corporal Ajanaku who is a native of Kwara State going by his Facebook profile, had posted the hate speech on his wall describing the Igbo race as the most useless ethnic group in the country.

In the post, Ajanaku noted that all ladies of the Igbo stock are prostitutes while the men are either armed robbers, kidnappers, and ritualists.

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He also revealed that prior to making the post, he had slept with three prostitutes who are Igbos the night before, justifying his belief that they are all commercial sex workers.

Read what Ajanaku posted here:

"Ibo fools, Ibo idiots, Ibo mumu and finally Ibos are the most useless ethnic group in Nigeria.

Their girls are into prostitution for a living; sincerely I slept with three last night; Threesome. Now talk of their men, haa-ahh aaa! Ye paa! They’re robbers, kidnappers, and ritualists, Awon olori buruku, Koni da fun your mama and your papa."


 However, his comments have been generating serious anger on social media as many Nigerians and even foreigners have called on the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, to get Ajanaku arrested and prosecuted for making such comments as a police officer.

Read some of the comments of angry Nigerians in reaction to the hate speech by Corporal Ajanaku:

“I don’t blame him… I blame the girls. You see this kinda demented Yoruba dirty pig faced bush police officer and he enters you.

I don’t even know how this country works. You see that Biafra, we will get it.”

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“This illiterate just lost his job. Now someone will say they are our friends, how is that now? When a law enforcement officer can make such a disgusting statement! We don’t need your opinion to tell us about Igbo ladies nor their guys.

You need to be responsible, asshole. As the matter of fact, I’m a Yoruba guy but I can die defending Igbos not in support of Biafra though.”

See some comments on his Facebook wall as well.






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