In Bulgaria: Little children are being taught how to smoke cigarettes

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A child is seen smoking a cigarette with a woman believed to be his mother.

The smoking act involving the little boy has met criticisms from the public with many blaming his parents.

You will find a twisted side of parenting or child grooming in Bulgaria where a young boy is being trained to smoke cigarettes at a tender age.

Some images circulating social media showed different instances where he was captured with a nicotine wrap in his mouth and this was facilitated by his parents.


One picture showed the youngster seated on the lap of a woman believed to be his mother while they both puffed away.

The incident which occurred in the north-western part of the country has caused outrage as observers call for the prosecution of those encouraging the child to smoke.

There were other occasions where he was captured in blurred images smoking like a chimney.

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To round off a list of inappropriate behaviour, Metro Report also added in a news that he also kissed a woman but a picture showing was reportedly taken down from the social media page of the man who posted it.

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