Jungle Justice: Why strip people naked in public?

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The young lady being humiliated

Stripping people in public for stealing is bad as killing them.

Jungle justice is very common in Nigeria.

A few days ago three people were sentenced to death for the murder of four University of Port Harcourt students known as ALUU 4.

If you steal or rob and caught by the mob and not the law, chances are that your head will be broken and you will be burnt to death. This happens to only men who commit petty crimes. For women who steal it is another whole ball game.

Women who are caught stealing in public places are usually stripped naked in front of everyone, photographed and mocked. Picture the infamous "Game of Thrones" scene where Cersei Lannister was made to walk streets of King's Landing naked.


Crime is bad and no one says that thieves should be let go but stripping a person in public for a petty crime is bad. Stripping in public does not only apply to female thieves but women who are judged to have committed an immoral act. It seems the only way of rebuking women who engage in questionable acts is by making them go naked in public.

This is a barbarian way of doing things. Nigeria should have grown past this level. Stripping someone in public has to do with enforcing shame on the criminal. It might have worked in the era of villages and communities but realistically speaking it should have no place in modern Nigeria- of towns and cities.

The reason why this shameful act is still going on is that the Nigerian Police Force has failed in its primary duties. People do not trust the law. We think policemen would likely make these perpetrators go scot free with no punishment. This is why jungle justice in Nigeria still persists today. We do not trust the law, therefore, we take the law into our own hands.

Stripping women in public because they have stolen should have no place in the modern world.

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