Pulse List: 5 things Nigerian millennials hate

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If its 'not digital or online, they are not interested

Nigerian millennials have a distaste for rules and things that are not online

Nigerian millennials are like millennials all over the world. They hate the old way of doing things and would rather tread their own path.

There are a bunch of things they hate but these are the top five things Nigerian millennials can't stand.



It's doubtful that there is a generation that hates the compulsory one year service than millennials. The 80s baby generation couldn't stand NYSC but the kids from the 90s and 00s absolutely hate it. They don't see any point in holding their life for a year to serve the country. If they had their way, the NYSC would have been scrapped.

2) Labels

Nigerian millennials do not like labels that restrict them. They want to be free what they want to do. They detest rules and labels that hold back their creativity. Millennials don't like to be tagged as just one thing.

3) TV


Left to millennials, TV would be a thing of the past. All they watch comes with a link. If a show or music video isn't on the Internet, they can't be bothered about switching on the television to watch it. To millennials, a TV is only used for playing video games. Watching a movie or music video on TV is old school.

4) Buy music


Nigerian millennials don't buy music like the days of old. Those who can afford it, subscribe to a music streaming service and listen to any new song they want. Those who cannot afford it most likely download songs or albums for free on many of the pirate music websites in Nigeria.

5) Nigerian politics


Do not even mention the word politics to a Nigerian millennial. He or she could care less. Nigerian millennials have a general apathy to the affairs of the nation and its leaders. Politics is a dead man's game that they have no concern in.

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